A Visual Experience Q gallery

5/12/2023 • Q Gallery Laguna Beach, Ca

The paintings "Golden Hour " and "Vicolo del Bologna"

Trekell Pet Portrait Competition "Pro Team Pick"


The Painting "Wednesday" oil on panel

The Tattoo Gallery "Nightmare Before Christmas art show"

10/13/2019 • Huntington Beach, CA

The Painting "boogey man in the nude" oil on paper

Trekell Pet Portrait Competition Honorable mention


The painting "grizz" oil and gold leaf on panel. And "The Kid" charcoal on toned paper  

CAP Gallery "Portraits Three Ways"

6/9/2018 • Laguna Beach, CA

20 Portraits in a 3 person group show 

3rd Street Art Studio "Working Title" group show

5/12/2017 • Long Beach, CA

Large drawing "Lua"  white charcoal on blk gesso board 

Reservoir Art Gathering Group Show

5/29/2016 • Silverlake, CA

The  Drawing "Flapper Girl" Charcoal on paper.

Ocean Blue Art + Design "Everything Under The Sun " group show

5/21/2016 • Huntington Beach, CA

6 drawings and paintings in a 10 person group show 

Oakley Artist Series

50 hand-painted Frog Skins. Learn more